Product Detail

Enriched with natural moisturizing factors, this product helps to minimize pores, is needed to replenish skin moisture, prevents moisture loss and dehydration to appear. It can also promote the skin's connective tissue metabolism and enhance skin regeneration, which reduces and prevents the formation of wrinkles, allowing the beautiful luster of your skin to reach full elasticity. Being rich in vitamin A, it can help to smooth fine lines and protect the skin; vitamins C and E can prevent the skin from premature aging, allows immediate reparation of cells and enhances the function of oxidation, therefore maintaining shiny skin. Suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients:

Natural Moisturizing Factor, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E


-After cleansing, apply a suitable amount of "French Spring Water Hydrating Toner" on the face until all essences are absorbed

**Apply other ISAWORKSHOP skincare products to optimise results.