"Perfect Whitening Essence Paper Mask" provides different kinds of natural plant extracts including Aloe Extract and Witch Hazel Extract which can irrigate and moisturise skin comprehensively; it also attenuates skin imperfections, helps to fade out dark spots and dramatically improves radiance with glowing results. Collagen Protein, Vitamin E and Algae Extract improve skin resilience, firmness, and circulation; contain anti-aging properties to give immediate anti-wrinkles, toning and lifting effects; Squalane actively infiltrates deeply into the skin, improves the rate of metabolism, controls harmful bacteria to enable the skin to breath better, resulting in its looking bright and dazzling every day.

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin E, Glycerin, Algae Extract, Aloe Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Trimethylglycerine, Squalane, Collagen Protein


-Clean and towel dry the face 

-Place "Perfect Whitening Essence Paper Mask" over the entire face

-Remove after 15 minutes. No washing is needed

-Gently massage until all essence is completely absorbed

-Regular Treatment: Use continuously for 5 days

-Intensive Treatment: May be used as a 30 days non-stop intensive skin treatment

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