"Perfect Whitening Intensive Enhancer" is derived from a most unique formula invented by a renowned dermatologist. It gives high-powered whitening effect. Its Tyrosinase Inhibitor provides anti-tyrosinase activity to reduce formation of melanin and pigmentation in the skin; Whitening Extract and Lactic Acid penetrate deeply into the skin and work to maintain lasting moisture for a moist and supple complexion; and Vitamin E provides a double defense line to achieving radiant and translucent complexion with its anti-oxidant and wrinkles-diminishing properties.

Active Ingredients:

Tyrosinase Inhibitor, Whitening Extract, Lactic Acid, Glycerine, Vitamin E


After applying "Perfect Whitening Enhancer", apply a thin layer of "Perfect Whitening Intensive Enhancer" on the eye areas and face, morning and night until all the cream is absorbed, and apply "Perfect Whitening Intensive Enhancer" again on any pigmented areas to helps fading out dark spots and dramatically improves radiance with glowing results.

-Followed by applying either of our UV Stop Sunscreens in the morning;

-Followed by applying "Perfect Whitening Revitalizer" at night to optimise results.

"Perfect Whitening Intensive Enhancer" contains Tyrosinase Inhibitor, therefore it's normal for the enhancer to present brown or dark without preservatives after opening. Customers can feel safe to use it at the best before date.