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Perfect Whitening Toner
Product Code Volume Price
PW0802 120ml $288


-Whitens and hydrates -Gives instant firming -Balances skin pH level

Active Ingredients:

Glycerin, Vege-Cental, Allantoin, Trimethylglycine


-After cleansing, apply suitable amount of "Perfect Whitening Toner" on the face until all essence are absorbed. -Apply other ISAWORKSHOP "Perfect Whitening Series" products to optimize results.


"Perfect Whitening Toner" contains Botanical Extracts and Allantoin which hydrates and protects the skin from irritation, giving skin freshness and radiance; Vege-Cental provides whitening effect instantly while improves cell metabolism; enhances nutrient penetration ability and helps to refine the pores. Trimethylglycine retains moisture and hydration to increase skin's silkiness and resilience; to balance skin pH level at optimal condition.

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