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Gold Brightening Anti-Wrinkle Repair Essence Paper Mask
Product Code Volume Price
GB0503 5 pcs/ box $388


-Promotes skin firmness and elasticity -Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles -Delays appearance of aging signs and softens dry skin

Active Ingredients:

Gold Particles, Aloe Vera, Osmocide, Algae Extract, Collagen Protein


-Clean and towel dry the face -Place "Gold Brightening Anti-Wrinkle Repair Essence Paper Mask" over the entire face -Remove after 15 minutes. No washing is needed -Gentle massage until all essence is completely absorbed -Apply other ISAWORKSHOP products to optimize results Suggestions: -Regular Treatment: Use continuously for 5 days, skin will become visibly more firming and radiant. -Intensive Treatment: Use continuously for 30 days, wrinkles will visibly diminish.


Each piece of "Gold Brightening Anti-Wrinkle Repair Essence Paper Mask" contains 35ml of "Gold Brightening Repair Essence"; Gold contents achieve amazingly effective anti-wrinkle and promote skin firmness; Aloe Vera to keep the skin supple, controls acne, eczema and sensitivity. Its amazingly effective anti-wrinkle formula makes the skin feels and looks more youthful immediately while penetrating into the skin quickly and goes to work to nourish, totally revives the natural youthful vibrancy of the skin. It visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines on face, combats free-radicals, enhances skin rejuvenation, and helps to restore elasticity of the skin.

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