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One Minute Facial Peeling Gel
Product Code Volume Price
DC0702 100ml $198


-Removes dead cells and purifies skin gently and effectively -Enhances absorption of nutrition and whitens instantly -Improves skin metabolism

Active Ingredients:

Papain, Hydrolyzed Protein, Sodium Alginate, Allantoin


-After cleansing, apply "One Minute Facial Peeling Gel" on the face (avoid the eye contour area) and massage gentle until the dead cells and other impurities are removed. Then rinse off with water. -Apply 2-3 times a week or daily if necessary (having non-damaging epidermis properties). -Apply other ISAWORKSHOP skincare products daily to optimize results.


"One Minute Facial Peeling Gel" removes dead cells gentle and effectively restores skin resilience, moisture and whitens instantly containing Papain that quickly softens and removes dead cells from epidermis also giving superior whitening effect; Sodium Alginate promotes skin cells metabolism; Hydrolyzed Protein and Allantoin reduces loss of skin nutrition to provide better protection of the skin. Resulting in freshness, softness and tenderness being maintained for a long time.

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