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UV Stop Series
If you hate the smell of conventional sunscreens, these two water resistant UV sunscreen lotions are perfect as they are close to scentless. Plus, the tube is tiny -- perfect for stashing in a small purse or makeup bag. We appreciate the non-irritating formula and matte, silky finish, which evens out skin tones. They are the absolute best you can get. Each sunscreen contains Titanium Dioxide and D-Panthenol for great protection, it is moisturising enough so you can use it alone, it does not leave white streaks, and it feels great after you put it on. They both provide the most effective broad spectrum sunscreen protectors, which prevent the formation of freckles and melanin. Their anti-irritation properties will be sure to keep your skin looking bright and fresh throughout day. You can't ask for more from a sunscreen.

UV Stop Lotion SPF50 PA+++

Blemish Balm Cream SPF30 PA++

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