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Perfect Whitening Series
This was our first series launched with the formula by one of Hong Kong’s most renowned dermatologist. The products contain a potent amount of a naturally derived ingredient which gives whiter, brighter skin. They help even out the skin tone, reduce melanin production while the multi-vitamins effectively help slow down dark spots, pigmentation and skin discolouration. This price-perfect series will no doubt leave you looking and feeling luminous.

Perfect Whitening Intensive Enhancer
HK$598 HK$478

Perfect Whitening Essence Paper Mask
HK$288 HK$230

Perfect Whitening Cleanser
HK$288 HK$230

Perfect Whitening Enhancer
HK$588 HK$470

Perfect Whitening Face Serum
HK$738 HK$590

Perfect Whitening Collagen Cream
HK$588 HK$470

Perfect Whitening Revitalizer
HK$588 HK$470

Perfect Whitening Toner
HK$288 HK$230

Perfect Whitening Eye Serum
HK$538 HK$430

Perfect Whitening Collagen Eye Cream
HK$538 HK$430

Perfect Whitening Mask
HK$388 HK$310

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